Why I Want to Work From Home

I never imagined myself working at a company for the rest of my life. But if I do, then I’d rather find a job where I can work from home. A lot of options are available, but I still am unlucky in finding that opportunity. I’ve only been working for more than 3 years in a corporate environment. I used to travel at least 4 hours every day to go to work, and go home. The first few months were tiresome. I always leave the office on time – around 5 PM – but I’ll be home around 8 PM, or worse, 9 PM. That was before when I used to ride a bus going home.

It was really exhausting! I am physically tired, but emotionally, I don’t feel drained at all! Maybe that’s because I was enjoying the company of the people I work with, the work environment itself and the pay as well. I couldn’t ask for more. Obviously, not everything stays the same. After weighing the options, I decided to leave my first company.

Since I am now renting a place in Makati, I wanted to find a job somewhere in Makati too. Luckily, that’s where I am working. You know that annoying feeling when you just keep on asking for more? It’s annoying, but I keep seeing the benefits of working from home.

Gone are the days I need to commute

I see this more now because Miguel is working from home. Commuting in the Philippines suck! During rush hour, people will push you around just so they can ride the bus or a jeep. Most people will block the doorway too, and block those who are alighting hoping they’ll be the first ones to ride a bus or jeep. I leave at 6:45 so I don’t always experience that.

I mean, WHY? Why is it so hard for you to fall in line and wait till you can hop on? Did you, like, leave your common sense at home and just try to be an asshole while commuting just so you won’t be late for work?

When it’s raining, everything is 100x worse! Traffic + lots of people waiting for the bus or jeep + more expensive Uber and Grab fare + taxis who’ll reject you, and more! If it’s raining, I sometimes walk instead but the hassle of walking on the streets is annoying. The sidewalk becomes a pond!!

If I work from home, I don’t need to worry about any of that.

I can save more money

I am aware of the fact that if I have to work from home, electricity will be used during those hours. But, I think that I can save more money because:

  1. I don’t have to pay for my commute every day. I can save the money I spend on jeeps or Uber or Grab.
  2. The cost of preparing my food for lunch is cheaper than eating out. To be honest, I am saving a lot more on this now because I go home during lunchtime. Hehe.
  3. There’s no need for me to worry about my clothes for work! Since I go to work every day, I also have to wear work-appropriate outfits every day.
  4. Time is money. 

I can save a lot of time and become more efficient

I can do more work when I’m at home than in the office. This is a case to case basis, but in my current experiences now, I prefer to work at home. That’s because I also didn’t like my work environment. 

Do you sometimes attend unimportant meetings? Chatty co-workers, who don’t really care how loud their voices are? The arguments that you hear nearby because of some disagreements? These are some of the distractions at work.

But there’s really a lot more distractions at work than at home. If I work from home, I can go deep in the zone and work as long as I want without these uncontrollable distractions. Bottom line is… there’s always a place for everything. Right?

I feel free

If I work from home, I’ll have a variety of choices about the place where I want to work. I can stay home if I’m comfortable or go to a coffee shop if I want to. I can even try working at different coworking spaces nearby. The list goes on!

I can lie in bed and sleep stare at the ceiling. Anything! I can do anything that I want as long as I produce the results that my boss is expecting from me. Unlike at the office, I have to sit there and pretend to work for 8 hours. Everyone is so strict with the employees’ time in and time out. To me, I think, what’s more, important is the output and quality of one’s work regardless of how long a person worked on it per day.

Deadline is in 1 week? Sure. I can work on it for 4 hours in one day, and 12 hours in another day. Who cares?

I’m not affected by the external environment

I don’t have to wish for work suspension (which rarely happens anyway) because of the weather. The rallies, the strikes… any external environment. People will be safer too! Instead of going all the way to work while there’s a typhoon, people can stay at home and keep safe. There’s no need for me to worry about being stuck somewhere because I can’t travel to work and back home.

I can wear more comfortable clothes

Pajamas or any comfortable clothes! Shirt and shorts? Why not! There’s no dress code when you work from home.

Everything is more planned out

It’s easier to communicate in person. That’s a fact. But, if everyone works from home, sometimes a lot of miscommunication can happen. To avoid that, everyone becomes more careful with the way they plan their tasks.

Aside from the advantages that I have listed above, I know that there are also several disadvantages to working from home. One thing that I want to mention is the work feels never-ending! When I work on something at home, I sometimes start working as early as possible, then keep on working until it’s past midnight.

I can’t keep track of time because it’s either I’m enjoying what I do, or because I am well into it and I want to get it done soon. Unlike at the office, I can just wait for 4 PM then that’s it. I’ll leave everything at work, and continue it the next day.

Nonetheless, I still want to experience what it’s like to work from home. Who knows? I might change my mind after experiencing it.

  1. It’s easier for me to work from home when I have a dedicated office space. I don’t have any distractions like I do at work.

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