What It’s Like To Live Your Own Life

It wasn’t that long ago since I’ve moved out of my parents’ home. It was really my plan to find a place to stay near my workplace as I can no longer stand the traffic, and the long queue at the terminals. I feel like it’s draining my entire energy for the day. It’s not worth. It didn’t take me long till I found a place that I want to live in. Truth is, I am quite picky, and I always compare it to our home. In fact, if I could afford to rent my own place, I will.

After a month of living on my own, I could pretty much describe what it’s like to live your own life. 

You have to prepare your own food

One thing that I like here is I can cook my own food. The only problem is I don’t know how to cook. Sure, I can cook hotdogs, eggs, bacons, etc., but nothing else. As a result, I always eat out. (Which I don’t recommend because it’s expensive!)

It’s also possible that you will eat breakfast three times (or at least twice) a day. There are days when I don’t want to get out my bed, so I just grab my cereal then continue doing what I’m doing.

Oh, not to mention. Remember the nights when you are invited to dinner?  When you live independently, all you could think about is free food. Lol. Trying to live your own life would also mean saying yes to free stuff. 😛

You have to pay your own bills

Luckily, electricity and water is already included in my rent. I only need to worry about my phone bills and other personal bills. Basically, I’m still in the same situation as before moving out.

You have to do the house chores on your own

Back at home, my brother, sister and I are the ones doing the chores during weekends. This time, I have no one to share the chores with so I have to do my chores on my own.

Aside from that, I also have a roommate so I have to keep my space or our room clean all the time.

You have to do your own laundry   

I do my laundry every two to three weeks. There are lots of laundry shops nearby, but I choose to do my laundry at a do-it-yourself laundromat. I have bad experiences with the laundry shops before wherein my clothes are always missing.

What I like about it is I can get my clean clothes in 2 hours. In addition to that, I can choose my own detergent and fabric softener!

You have to buy your own groceries   

Ever since I moved out, I started keeping track of my toiletries. By keeping track of my toiletries it means I write in my notes the day I bought it, how much it costs, and when I start using it. It helps me know how long I usually use a certain toiletry, and it gives me an idea on when I should buy next. This is really important to me because I’m sticking to my budget.

Aside from the toiletries, of course you have to buy the food that you want to stock in your cabinet.

You have to budget your money and consider all the possible expenses   

It’s not going to be the same when you can ask your parents to buy your stuff when they buy groceries.

And that’s what it’s like to live your own life. I can now cross out #9 in my 25 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 25 list.

  1. Living on your own and living your own life is fun to think of at first but when the responsibilities and bills come in to play everything sounds so difficult

    1. It takes a while to get used to it. As much as possible, I try to lessen my bills especially if I don’t need it. It’s also important to make schedule so you won’t get overwhelmed with the responsibilities.

  2. This is so true. What an eye openner it was when I did my first move. Whoa!!! I didn’t realize I can actually cook. ? Good job on this one.

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