What Happens If I Didn’t Change My Career?

Last Friday, I attended my very first company party. I met a few colleagues, and I got the chance to talk to them about some random stuff. One conversation that I remembered the most was about how we ended up in our current career. I love hearing my coworker’s story over and over; it’s both inspiring and motivating, it makes me want to push my limits.

Today, it hit me.

What happens if I didn’t change my career?

During my high school days, I got so into the business that I wanted a degree in Entrepreneurship or Business. I started studying business-related at least. I took the course Business in Australia, but it felt like it wasn’t for me. Although I enjoyed what we did during that time until I realized I don’t want to speak in front of people. How ironic, right? How will I present my business ideas if I don’t want to speak publicly? 

Later, I thought I wanted to have a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Environments and Planning. It sounded so cool that time. I seemed lost & thought I wanted something else, so I went back to the Philippines after I finished the 7-month program and took a different degree.

I studied Computer Science.

To be honest, I’m unsure with my decision, but I just thought maybe I should give it a try since I enjoyed our programming classes in high school. I’m thankful that my parents supported my decisions in life and encouraged me to go after what I want.

Towards my third and fourth year in college, my friends and I talked about what career we want once we start working. I am so into the idea of web designing, so I said I wanted to be a web designer someday. If not, then maybe become a developer.

I got a job as a Deployment & support engineer.

When I started, I had to do the pet project, test automation, of the company as training since I use Java and they’re using C#. I loved it. I always look forward to the next day because I love writing scripts and automating tests. Finally, I loved what I was doing, so upon regularization, I was given a choice whether I want to pursue becoming a Deployment & Support Engineer or Test Automation Engineer.

I changed my career.

Fast forward to today, I’m working as a Test Automation Engineer for 4 and a half years. Even though the people encouraged me to shift to Java Developer, I was adamant and said I don’t have plans to change my career anymore.

In line with that, I have my blog for more than two years now, although, I had a break for a few months. I may not design the themes of my blog, but I try to incorporate my love for web designing by changing my blog’s looks. Soon, if I grew my blog, who knows? Maybe I’ll make this my sideline business and send a pitch to different brands. Not via public speaking, but through email. ?

Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed & rearranged to relocate us to the place we’re meant to be.

I didn’t think about it before, but now I realized how different my plans versus realities are. It’s funny how life works. It felt like I wasted my time, my parents’ efforts and money because I didn’t figure out what I wanted. I cannot imagine what would happen if I didn’t change my career or my course back then.

Until now I still imagine what happens if I didn’t change my career. Still, I’m going to tell you to not worry about anything; just try to find your ikigai. It’s okay if you don’t know what you want. You will get there.

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