1. Congratulations! I’m really happy whenever I see my friends getting married and settling down. ❤️ Our priorities and perspective changes as we grow older. Basta as long as you’re happy and contented. Stay healthy and safe during this pandemic! Hope to meet you soon kapag umuwi ka na ng PH. Hehe! ?

    1. Thank you! Being happy and contented is the key talaga. Also it’s important to be with the right person din!

      Takot na akong umuwi ng PH! HAHA. But, yes, I hope mag meet na tayo soon!

  2. ROLDAN!!!!!! Except you’re not Roldan anymore. Hahaha. I imagine that your wedding will indeed be very different if it was here in PH. Best wishes to you both! Godspeed on new adventures as husband and wife! ^_^

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