The Happy List: February 2019

Another month ended, another happy list! Ah, I missed doing this. This time, I didn’t cram on remembering the things that made me happy because I now write everything on my notebook.

The Happy List

1. Game night with my Filipino friends

2. Setting my 2019 priorities

My priority this year is to grow my finances. Aside from paying off my debts, I want to save or invest my money as well. Who says you cannot do both? You can! No matter how much it costs, you are still saving something.

3. Attended my first conference — JFokus developers conference

4. Spent Valentine’s day/weekend with Miguel

On Valentine’s day, Miguel got me chocolates—which he ate after—and tulips. I totally had no idea that he was going to surprise me. He picked me up from work and we went straight to the apartment. When we got back, I noticed that he was trying to change to his home clothes as fast as he can. Of course, I had no idea why; I just thought he’s feeling warm. Then he hurriedly went to our bedroom and brought the chocolates and flowers to me.

Finally, a surprise that I didn’t find out! Haha.

On the weekend, we went to stay in a cozy house in the suburb of Stockholm.

5. Sunny days and warmer days

During the winter in Stockholm, it became really warm; I got the chance to wear shorts outside! I couldn’t be any happier. I still long for warmer days because I want to stop wearing layers already!

6. My lips are healing from the allergic reaction in EOS lip balm

At the end of January, I woke up with dry, itchy lips. I only used EOS lip balm the night before. It was getting worse throughout the day, so I had to set an appointment with the doctor.

Guess what? I had an allergic reaction in EOS lip balm. I informed EOS about it, and they were willing to offer me a new lip balm (very smart of them), or a refund of the lip balm.

7. Watched a live hockey game

When my coworker mentioned about watching a live hockey game, I was hesitant at first, but still ended up going. Even if I don’t know about the gameplay of hockey, I still enjoyed the experience.

8. Winter in Stockholm

The worst temperature I encountered since I moved to Stockholm is -12 degrees. It wasn’t that bad!

9. Subscribed to Tailwind for a year

One of my goals this year is to monetize my blog; at least have a monthly income from it.

10. More blog opportunities

I received a few emails for blog opportunities these past few days. I got good offers, and some offered exposure to their social media. I also stumbled upon this post on Facebook. She’s looking for bloggers who could promote a brand, and in return, the “most hardworking blogger” will get a token. What’s with these people!

11. I finally tried Nordic Ice Skating

Since winter started, people kept telling me to try skiing. I want to, but I am more interested in trying Nordic ice skating. I’m glad I did (thus, part of my happy list hehe)! It was a different experience, but the price wasn’t worth it.

Miguel and I booked a tour for 1.500 SEK per person. It’s an introduction to ice skating tour; obviously, you would expect that you’ll have a quick lesson on how to skate or use Nordic skates. That’s why Miguel agreed to join despite his fear of ice skating.

When we got there, there were no lessons. Spending 3.000 SEK for this wasn’t worth it.

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