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  1. Been trying to convince my family to visit this place since I’ve heard of it last year! Askdkasfl. I’m a sucker for anyplace that remotely resembles Greece.

    1. You could visit Sundowners when you visit the Philippines again. 🙂 I just checked Bellarocca and wow! I can’t wait to go there!! Will definitely add it to my list. Thank you!

  2. Santorini is one of the top places I want to visit too. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to go to this place when I first heard of it. It sure is a cheaper alternative to Santorini. hahah. Unfortunately, when I was in the Philippines for a vacation this wasn’t open yet.
    Btw! I love your blog, and I love meeting other Filipino/Filipina bloggers through Facebook groups. 😀

  3. I’ve been planning to go this place with my family for awhile now since there are a lot of good reviews written about it. Even my friends are saying it’s actually worth the long trip from our place.

    1. You should really visit Sundowners! I think they opened a new villa, and there are other villas that are still under construction. It’s really worth the long trip, I’ll visit it again next time. 🙂

  4. […] I have a confession to make. I haven’t gotten over Santorini-inspired places yet! In fact, I spent my free time browsing the web, looking for Santorini-inspired places to visit in the Philippines. Sundowners Vacation Villas has always been in my list. I loved my stay there, and yes, I’ll definitely come back! You can read my quick getaway to Sundowners here. […]

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