My Dream Destination: Santorini, Greece

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What is your dream destination?

Growing up, Santorini, Greece has always been one of my dream places to visit. The internet wasn’t a big thing then so I didn’t know a lot of places, and the first time I saw Santorini was from the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Since then, Santorini became my dream destination. My younger self even hoped that when I get married, the honeymoon will be in Greece!

My Dream Destination - Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece Travel Inspirations

When I was living in the Philippines, I went to a Santorini-inspired resort, Sundowners Vacation Villa located only a few hours from Manila. I couldn’t contain my happiness. Imagine how I would feel if I am really going to Santorini?

I don’t have an idea yet on what else I will do in Santorini; I will think about it if the dates are set!

People I know have mixed comments about their visit to Santorini. But, every destination has its pros and cons so it’s normal. It’s still one of my dream places to visit.

A part of me is hesitant about going to Santorini. I somehow think that the idea of wanting to go there is better off left as an idea only. I feel like my expectations are too high that I’ll probably disappoint myself once I get there.

Do you also feel the same? You have a dream country to visit, but you are worried that you might not like it when you get there?

Have you ever been to any of your dream travel destinations and got disappointed? I am worried that this excitement is building up, then I will get disappointed in some way.

Anyway, Greece is still my dream country to visit, and there are a lot of reasons why!

Greece has 18 UNESCO world heritage sites across the country

I recently found out that there are 18 UNESCO world heritage sites across the entire country! I haven’t been to any of them in Greece—I haven’t been to Greece. But, now, I really want to visit Greece soon!

Here are some activities or tours to the UNESCO world heritage sites in Greece
  1. Acropolis
  2. The archaeological site of Delphi
  3. Paleochristian and Byzantine Monuments of Thessalonika
  4. The old town of Corfu

Sunset in Santorini, Greece

My husband and I will have a conversation from time to time about watching the sunset together in Santorini, Greece. What a coincidence, because Santorini is also my husband’s dream destination.

Photo by Sadie Teper

There are more islands in Greece that I want to visit. One is Zakynthos, Greece and I got the inspiration from the Korean drama Descendants of the Sun.

The main characters visited the shipwreck in Navagio Beach in Zakynthos; of course, I immediately added it to my dream places to visit list!

I want to go there because of the scenes from Descendants of the Sun (I love K-drama) and I want to see in-person the ship that lies on the shore.

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar

Another island that I want to visit is Mykonos! I see a lot of posts comparing Santorini vs Mykonos, but I still want to visit both and see for myself.

Each island has its own beauty, anyway!

I wish I have the luxury to visit Santorini and more islands in Greece! If I were to stay in Santorini, I would probably spend at least one week there and explore its hidden gems.

I’m thankful that traveling to Santorini may be possible now that I am living in Europe! Greece is still quite far from Sweden, though. There’s so much to learn about this beautiful country.

Find your hotel in Santorini, Greece

I need to create a travel bucket list and I will travel to my dream destinations. This blog post will serve as a reminder to myself that I will visit Santorini soon together with my husband!

Where do you want to travel? Do you also have a dream destination?

It doesn’t matter how long it will take for you to travel to your dream destination. I also hope to visit the underrated cities in Europe first before traveling to places like Santorini.

Write a list of your dream places to visit, and the good thing about it is you can keep adding to that list.

If you have been to Greece before, feel free to share some travel tips!

I would love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to comment down below.
  1. It looks like a beautiful destination- I really do hope as well that you get there soon!!! I have never been but all the photos you see look stunning!

  2. I’ve been to Greece, but only to Athens. Maybe next time, I’ll get to go to Santorini. 🙂


  3. Santorini is very beautiful and so are the other Greek islands. When you visit Santorini, renting a car would be a great idea to explore the different parts of the island. I love the hike in Akrotiri and my most favorite spot is in Oia. Though a bit pricey for being touristy but it’s all worth it. 😉

  4. Santorini is on my bucketlist too. It is so dreamy and beautiful. It is definitely a must see location.
    PS – you have a stunning blog.

  5. I want to visit Greece, too, but not too soon haha. And yeah, that isolated island with a wrecked ship in it (DOTS location) is also what invites me!

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