1. Really helpful for a person like me during exploration

    Can you please help me answering below questions

    1) I am planning for job seeker visa for Sweden, is job market good ?
    2) I am a business analyst having Salesforce background and banking domain experience
    3) what are the disadvantages visiting through job seeker does company prefer to hire or not?
    4) what is the % of people coming back without finding job
    5 ) is language barrier for survival ?
    Please help me answering as you ppl live in there it helps me a lot to decide

  2. Whether you’re still in Manila or Sweden now, I’m wishing you all the best, Karen! I’m so happy that you have finally attained this dream of yours. You are inspiring. After being an exchange student, I kind of feel like I’m not meant to settle in the Philippines as well, but for now, we’ll see. Enjoy Sweden for me, will you?
    xx Myrra, http://www.myrrazenkate.com

  3. Ate Karen, I’m so happy for you. Don’t forget to share updates through IG (yung mga sites haha). Mag iingat ka dun and alagaan mo sarili mo ha.

    1. Thank you, Kai! I know puro rants ung nasa Twitter ko over the past few months! Hahaha. Sino ba naman hindi maiinis sa POEA? Haha. I’ll try to post more on social media!

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