Life Update: I’m Finally Registered in Sweden

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After so many hiccups along the way, I have a life update! I’m finally registered in Sweden! I had a different situation compared to those who got a job here in Sweden. Being in a different situation is good, but some situations are exhausting, draining, and nerve-wracking. I previously mentioned in my post that I had my work permit extended for another 2 years.

On the first application, work permits are usually valid for 2 years. That’s not what happened to me because of the validity of my passport. I couldn’t renew my passport before I applied for a work permit last year, and it expired on September this year. That’s why my work permit is valid only until September as well.

I initially thought that it wouldn’t matter because I can renew it anyway. But, it was a bit difficult to live and stay in Sweden without being registered. What does it mean?

When you move to Sweden, and you plan to live here for at least one year, you have to be registered in the Swedish Population Registry. Since my work permit is only valid for 9 months, I couldn’t register until I extend it.

Long story short, I’m finally registered in Sweden!

Life update after living in Sweden for 6 months

I am still adjusting to short days, but I miss the long days already. I arrived in Sweden in Spring, and the weather has been good since then (except the scorching hot during summer). Then, I got lucky when I saw the first snow, but I also realized that the weather in Sweden is unpredictable. Last week it was cold, but now it’s warm.

I always tell myself (and everyone) that I’m not going to complain about the weather as long as it doesn’t rain. Haha. So, 6 months in Sweden! Time flies really fast. But, I still feel I haven’t done much during my first 6 months. Hopefully, the next few months will be more productive. I have to start traveling again and see more of Sweden!

I met two new Filipino friends

I’m very happy and grateful that I got to meet two Filipinos in Stockholm! ❤️ Look, we even had a photoshoot! Hehe.

???? Karl Dimla (the girl in the middle in the photo below ❤️)

Birthday celebration

There’s so much to be thankful for. I still have a long way to go, but I’m not in a rush now. I’m just going to enjoy the moment.

Last year, I felt lost. I didn’t know what to do or what I want; I just wanted to disappear. Looking back, I’m now thankful for all those things that happened because I wouldn’t be here if it didn’t happen.

Became a permanent employee

After working for 6 months, I’m done with the probationary period. I’m happy to share with you that I am now a permanent employee. Yay! I realized that regularization here is different because you don’t need to sign any document anymore. It’s just that 6 months have passed, and if your performance is good, then you’ll stay.

Got a hang of my 5000 SEK budget + soon no more deductions

Since I started to strictly follow my budget of 5000 SEK in Sweden, I got to make wiser decisions in terms of finances. I sometimes get surprised when I see that I still have a few kronas left despite the events and hangouts I attended. Also, my last month of deductions is in December so I’m now looking forward to January – zero deductions (except taxes). ?

I have my personal identity number in Sweden

My most important life update…

A lot of people say that without having your personal identity number (personnummer) in Sweden is tough. THAT’S TRUE. I’ve been here for 6 months, and there are so many things that I couldn’t do because everything requires personnummer. But, now that I am registered in Sweden, I finally have my personnummer, and there are so many things that I can do now:

  1. Apply for a gym membership
  2. I can order online (some online stores require personnummer for delivery)
  3. BankID, Swish, Klarna, etc. Although I have a bank account, it’s the most basic account. I can now request for a BankID! BankID is used when logging in to different websites and making transactions online.
  4. Free Swedish lessons
  5. In short, everything.

I still have one thing to do: apply for a Swedish ID. It’s difficult as well to not have a Swedish ID. I don’t like bringing my passport all the time, and sometimes passport is not valid because they need Swedish ID only.

Like what happened last week: I ordered a grocery card but I cannot claim it because I don’t have a Swedish ID.

What’s next?

Now that I am slowly settling in Sweden, being registered is a huge step. Miguel can apply for his visa application soon, and hopefully, he’ll be approved. After I have my Swedish ID, I can literally feel that I am actually living in Sweden. I still have so many documents to process, but I’m happy to be in this situation now. I’m so excited to share this life update with you.

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