How to Stay Productive While Working from Home

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With the ongoing pandemic, working from home for too long wasn’t part of my plan — not part of almost everyone’s plan.

The first few days of working from home were bliss. I love how I am able to manage my schedule properly, and I am saving a lot of time every day. However, I still needed to find ways on how to stay productive while working from home.

I’m the type of person who needs a list and schedule that I should follow so that’s the first thing I did in order for me to stay focused at home. After a few months, I have come up with ways on how I can stay productive while working from home.

What works for someone doesn’t mean it might also work for you. This list will give you an idea of how you can stay focused while working from home. You need to try things out first and see if it suits you or not.

Tips to Stay Productive While Working from Home

There are a lot of work from home tips that you can find and the more flexibility that you have, the better. For me, I am working from home but I still have to follow the office hours.

I would love to have the freedom to work on my most productive hours instead. If you have that, lucky you!

Create a schedule that works for you

Create a schedule for both work and home. Sometimes it can be difficult to draw a line between working and doing house chores; and, switching between different tasks will make you lose focus more.  

You don’t have to create an hour-by-hour routine, more often it is not realistic—unless it works for you, of course! One thing that might help is time-blocking (it is not overwhelming too so you’ll love it!)

Time blocking is where you segment your day into blocks of time. The photo below is an example of how I block my day. Time blocking helps me get an overview of my day & I won’t feel overwhelmed if I have a lot of things to be done because I can block 1 to 2 hours of my day for it.

Take a break

Taking a break helps you stay productive while working from home. It may sound a bit counterproductive but your mind needs it.

One misconception about working from home is you need to be available all the time. You don’t and you need to take a break and relax for a bit without feeling guilty about it.

You can get a cup of coffee and stay in your balcony for around 15 minutes without doing any work. You can also just go outside and walk to get some fresh air.

Design your own home office

Before working from home, I used to have a small work desk setup. It doesn’t matter at that time since I am in the office most of the day anyway. But, ever since we switched to working from home, I noticed the difference in my productivity when I changed my desk setup.

See the before and after below!

Creating a dedicated space lets you stay productive while working from home. It gives a separation between work and home so you don’t get distracted with what else is going on in your home.

More work from home desk setup ideas:

Dress up for work

Pretend like you are going to the office. Dressing up lets you stay productive while working from home because your mind will immediately be in the work mode.

In our office, we don’t need to always wear business attire so this is easy for me to do at home. It has been part of my routine now that before I login to work, I would change my top to my office clothes.

Then my mind immediately thinks it is time to work!

This may not be sustainable in the long run, though it is a good start especially when you are still figuring out ways on how to stay focused while working from home.

This also helps you prepare for unexpected video calls too!

Prepare your meals the night before

I have tried preparing my lunch on the same day, and it is not productive! 

Since you want to stay productive while working from home, you don’t want to spend some time preparing your meals during office hours, right? 

Prepare your meals the night before so you can just heat it up during lunchtime and you’ll have your full 1 hour for lunch!  

Listen to music

Listening to music helps you block out distractions thus making you stay productive while working from home.

One of the work from home tips I learned was to listen to music with lyrics you don’t understand. This works for me because when I listen to English songs, I immediately switch to trying to sing along instead of focusing on what I am working on. 

Spotify Playlists you should try

  1. Dalkom Cafe 
  2. lofi hip hop music – beats to relax/study to
  3. lofi hip hop / chillhop / beats to study/relax to

Have a good and comfortable chair

As a small person, it is difficult for me to get a comfortable chair that is ideal for my current work desk!

Having a good comfortable chair may sound trivial when you want to stay productive while working from home, but the idea here is to lessen distractions so you can stay focused on your work.

I recently switched to a sit/stand chair because I want to have more positions to choose from. I also adjusted my work desk’s height so I can be comfortable working while standing.

Have a notepad and pen on your desk

We often have ideas that will suddenly pop into our minds. Instead of opening an app or software on your laptop to jot it down, it is much faster and easier to just write it down on a notepad.

It depends on what you prefer, you can have a notepad, sticky notes or a notebook on your desk.

Here are some of my favorites that you might check out:

Keep hydrated

Drink more water and keep hydrated.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself when you are working from home. If staying hydrated is difficult for you, keep a bottle of water near you. As soon as it is almost empty, refill it and bring it back to your work desk.

Keeping yourself hydrated also maintains your level of productivity. Hydration also impacts your ability to stay focused so it is important to drink water.

Learn when to stop

Lastly, learn when to stop working. You don’t want to drain your energy just working the entire day—you will feel burnout when working from home. 

Set a clear boundary on when you will stop working. Let’s say you decided that your work stops at 17:00, set an alarm at 17:00 then stop working. 

As soon as you stop working, change into your home clothes and you’ll feel different during your non-work time. 

In my experience, I feel more relaxed afterward and it really feels that my work has ended. 

Turn off your work notifications 

You don’t want to get disturbed by your work notifications after office hours. Work doesn’t stop—it never does, so look at it and deal with it tomorrow morning (unless you are on-call, of course). 

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  1. I love tip #4: dress for work. This will make you feel more prone to work as opposed to wearing pajamas. My cousin has really be struggling with working from home. I’m definitely going to send her this link! Thank you.

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