6 Home Office Desk Ideas

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Whether you have a work-from-home job or you go to an office, you still surely want to decorate your home office desk. I am living in a small apartment and at first, I used my dining table as a temporary work desk.

I then bought a small table that I placed in my bedroom. I’ve been wanting to decorate my own home office and have a separate space for work. Having your own space helps you boost your creativity and, of course, productivity!

There are so many home office desk ideas, but here are some of my inspirations!

Add a pegboard to organize your desk

One way to keep things in place on your home office desk is by adding a pegboard. If you have no idea which accessories to add, then you should get this pegboard combination from IKEA.

With pegboards, you get how easy it is to organize your stuff and decorate your space.

If you are renting an apartment—and your landlord doesn’t want you to hang things or drill in the wall—you can still put a pegboard on your desk, thanks to this pegboard table connector.

It directly connects the pegboard to the table. In that way, you won’t damage the walls of your apartment. 

I like pegboards because it doesn’t take too much space on my work desk and it gives me more flexibility when organizing my stuff.

Use a wall grid panel, corkboard or a letter board

If you don’t prefer using a pegboard and you just want a place to put your notes or reminders, then you can get either a grid panel, corkboard, or a letter board.

Depending on your preferences and your own desk ideas, you can add everything if you want! I find letter boards cute since I can put some inspirational quotes to spice up my day.

Just don’t forget to add black bulldog clips or a touch of rose gold bulldog clips to add color to your grid panel.

I also found out recently about these hexagon cork boards and they definitely make a difference once added on the wall. 

Add a colorful desk lamp

Not only for aesthetics but adding a lamp helps eliminate eye strain from using too much computer. You just need to find the perfect lamp and a cute lamp! In my case, my room depends on the natural lighting, so the lighting gets worse especially during winter.

Add indoor plants

I could list down all the reasons why you should add indoor plants to your home office. One of the reasons why I like adding plants is because it helps reduce stress and increase productivity.

You don’t have to add plants you’re not comfortable with, you can start by adding succulents since those are low-maintenance. I don’t have a green thumb, but, so far, my succulents are still in good shape!

You don’t have enough space for the plants? Here is how you can use a pegboard or grid panel for plants.

Add a wall art or favorite photos

We all need the inspiration to keep us going! There are also memories that we don’t want to forget. Add a few photos or wall arts on your home office desk by either hanging it on the wall (or adding in a pegboard, wall grid panel, or corkboard) or putting it against the wall.

I personally think that adding these could also show your personality, so be creative and add it to your desk!

Photos on wall

Another good idea to decorate your desk is by adding a world map like in the photo below! If you are someone who loves to travel then you definitely need to have this map.

Have a planner or a notepad

If there’s one thing that I couldn’t miss on my desk, it’s my planner. Although it’s good to keep things digitally, nothing beats writing in a planner. I have a monthly planner that I will soon hang on my wall. It’s easier to get an overview of what’s going to happen in a few days, weeks, or months with a paper planner. Plus, it makes me feel more organized as well.

I hope you like these home office desk ideas! I’d like to include desk accessories, but I don’t like too much clutter on my desk. I am slowly designing my home office desk; check out my desk soon!

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