1. Hi,
    Nice to know about your buying experience. This blog is really helpful for people like us looking for apartment buying.

    Could you help me with approximate charges for the below: This is just to get a rough idea (since my budget is 2 million sek). So not sure about the amounts.

    Transfer fee
    Mortgage fee
    Association membership fee
    Electricity IMD system (individual measurement and billing)
    Hot water IMD system (individual measurement and billing)


  2. Hey, lovely blog, I have a question:
    Could you please elaborate on the fees and amounts you had to pay for:
    -Transfer fee
    -Mortgage fee
    -Association membership fee ?

    1. Hi! I paid 952kr for the mortgage fee. The association membership fee is 3660kr per month. I am not sure about the exact amount of the transfer fee. I think it is at least 1000kr!

  3. Great blog post.
    Have a question, how long was the period between buying the apartment and moving into the apartment?

  4. I love your blog. It will help me bcoz me and my husband planning to buy villa or apartment too

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