Photo Diary: Autumn in Stockholm, Sweden

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Looking back on my old photos that I took when I first visited Stockholm makes me realize how much I love autumn. Living in the Philippines, I have always wondered what it would be like to live in a country with 4 seasons. I visited Stockholm last year in November; I didn’t stay long here, but I wish I did. 

I wanted to take more photos, but my phone shuts down from the cold. I’m glad I experienced autumn in Sweden for a few days. 

Trees in autumn make me warm inside

I probably watch too much movies. But, it feels like autumn is the season to fall in love. 

Stockholm Central Station 

Believe it or not, I only went to the central station when I moved to Sweden few months after. 

Strolling around Stockholm

I didn’t really plan on doing anything during my visit. I got preoccupied preparing for my final interview and beating jet lag. I was pretty much tired the entire trip, but that didn’t stop me from strolling around the area. 

The beauty of Stockholm made me forget how much I have been walking from one place to another. 

  1. ui, I’m an autumn baby too kahit walang autum dito sa Manila. Pinaninindigan ko talaga na favorite season ko siya. Everything is so peaceful and beautiful.

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