1. Hi Karen, we recently experienced the same but on a different airline. We are trying to use AirHelp after reading your review, however upon filling up our details in regards the complaint, it always says that we are not entitled to a compensation (maybe because the flight indeed arrived in the final destination – but it was delayed). How do you fill the form to indicate the delays and the rerouted flight (in our case). Thanks.

    1. Hi TJ! The eligibility for the compensation usually depends on a couple of things. Not all flights are covered; for example, almost all routes within Europe are covered, but there might be exceptions.

      How many hours was your flight delayed? It should be at least 3 hours or more to be eligible for compensation.

      Another important is the cause of the delay. Delays caused by bad weather, for example, are usually exempt from compensation.

      Have you tried reaching out to their support? They are usually fast with their responses and very helpful!

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