Hi there! My name is Karen Roldan, and I am the voice behind this blog. I grew up in the Philippines, and after my graduation in high school, I moved to Australia for college and lived there in less than a year. I went back to the Philippines to continue my college education and later relocated to Sweden in 2018.

During my early years in the corporate world, I traveled within the Philippines and that’s how Karen Roldan started as a weekend hobby.

The heart of everything in this blog is authenticity.

Karen Roldan is a lifestyle blog that aims to help you create a productive life one day at a time while figuring this #adulting thing!

If you are looking to

  1. Improve your productivity
  2. Figure out this adulting thing
  3. Build a positive relationship
  4. Read about real, genuine experiences of a millennial

…then you are in the right place!

Karen Roldan is also a travel blog that aims to share different travel stories, tips, and guides. As a traveler, I like to spend more days in a city and explore its hidden gems. I get more excited if I can visit an underrated city first!

As a foreigner living in Sweden, you will also find here my adventures and experiences while living abroad.

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If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to shoot me an email at hello@karenroldan.net or use the contact form below!