A Letter To The Most Annoying Person I Can’t Live Without

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Hey, you!

Remember when I wanted to listen to my favorite songs and I asked you to stay quiet but you didn’t? You sang out loud on my favorite part of the song instead.

Remember when I asked you to define some deep Tagalog words, and you gave me a different definition so you could make fun of me?

Also, remember when we were only a few miles (ok, kilometers) apart?

Lastly, remember when we can’t get enough of each other that we have to meet most of the week?

As years pass by, I want us to continue what we have now — except the long-distance relationship part. I never thought that I would have someone like you. Someone that could see more than I was capable of seeing in myself. Someone who pushes me to become better. And, someone who is supportive all the way despite being far from each other.

I like how you let me have my own mistakes, and make me realize how stupid my decision was but still didn’t drop the “I told you so” line.

I like how you help me understand that we have our own vices, and we’re there to help each other change that.

We always trust the process.

As much as I don’t want to sound cliche, I’m glad I met you. 

I will never forget how we compete with each other in making efforts and surprises until one of us cries with happiness. Though I can always tell if you have a surprise for me because you become restless.

I will never forget how I found out you were going to propose too! Nonetheless, I’m still surprised by the way you execute your plans.

You used to drive all the way from Antipolo to Las Piñas to pick me up even though we could just meet in Makati. And now you’re trying your best to see me in Sweden, and we even had the chance to meet in the US.

Thank you for going out of your way.

I really appreciate everything. We’ll continue to laugh until our stomach hurts. We will always fill the room with laughter as we talk about silly things.

Know that you are not just my boyfriend, but my best friend too. And… soon-to-be-husband! You’re my go-to person. If there’s a better word for fiancé and best friend, that’s you.

Finally, I was able to capture that pose you had at the beach. You always do that, but I never captured. You do that randomly when we talk which caught me off guard. Every time I ask you to do it again, you shy away. Then, on that day, I asked you to pose for a photo. Of all the poses that you can do, you did that.

Thanks for letting me upload that photo too. Haha.

I cannot wait to see you again and live with you soon. It’s hard being away, but I always believe in the idea of delayed gratification.

For now, here’s a letter to the most annoying person I can’t live without — you! Let’s just stick to 15-30 minutes call per day on weekdays, and random movie date & long phone calls on weekends. ❤️

Thank you for always annoying me; I will always look forward to seeing you.

This post was originally posted on February 2017. I just updated the content of this letter.
  1. Aawww, this is so sweet. I’m the annoying one in the relationship and my boyfriend finds it funny lol. Advance Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Thanks, Kimmy! Actually, my boyfriend was surprised that I made a blog post like this. He has no idea that I’m going to dedicate it for him. Hehe.

  2. AHHH. That is sweeet! I feel kilig all over my body haha. Even though it’s my first time readin this, i can see you two are so happy with each other which is a good thing! I hope I can find my man too as well. Belated happy valentine’s!
    All the best!
    JeaniebeansPH Diary

    1. We always make fun of each other! I think that’s how our relationship was built. HAHAHA. We both love being silly. Your man will eventually come at the right time. <3 belated happy valentine's! I hope you enjoyed your day!

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