My 6 Budget-friendly Travel Plans in 2017

Just a few more days, it’s 2017 already. As I was browsing my photo album, I noticed that I haven’t been to different places this year. What’s more to that is I didn’t even go to Korea together with my friends. I just wasted money on my plane ticket.

Anyway, for next year, I’ve decided to travel more and go to different places aside from the beach.

So far here are my travel plans for 2017:

1. Visit Cebu in February

My high school friends and I booked a ticket to Cebu last May on a whim. The funny thing is, one friend sent us a message and told us that she and her boyfriend booked a ticket to Cebu. She then invited us and told us that there is a seat sale, so we can tag along if we want.

So guess what happened? Yup, we’re all booked! There are 8 of us in a group, but only one didn’t book because he’ll be in the US by then.

This Cebu trip is only a few months to go. I can’t contain my excitement!

See you soon, Cebu!

Travel date: February 25-28, 2017

Budget: Php13,000 (including airfare)

2. Staycation somewhere in Manila

There’s nothing really special about the place, but a change of environment for the weekend is much-needed!

Travel date: April 1-2, 2017

Budget: Php5,000 for two

3. Weekend getaway to Pico de Loro

Beach again! 

I’m not complaining! I’m actually looking forward to it. I haven’t been to Pico de Loro; I’ve read mixed reviews about it but I’m still looking forward to it. This will be my boyfriend’s friends’ trip and I’m just his plus one. Lol. Well, the girlfriends are invited in this trip. We already booked a place there, we’re just waiting for the day to come. Yay!

Travel date: April 22-23, 2017

Budget: Php5,000 for two

4. Museum hopping in Manila

I’m hooked ever since I visited Pinto Art Museum! I need some art appreciation. I got this idea from several blogs that I’ve stumbled upon when I was looking for museums to visit on a weekend.

Here are the following museums that I’m thinking of visiting:

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • National Museum
  • Mind Museum
  • Art in Island
  • QCX (Quezon City Experience)
  • Yuchengco Museum
  • CCP Museum
  • Ayala Museum

Travel date: when I’m free on a Saturday.

Budget: I still have no idea how much the total costs will be. This would depend on how many museums we could visit in one day.

Note: I’ll probably add more to the list.

5. Visit Borawan – the unspoiled beach in Quezon

I’ve been to Quezon twice and I never got the chance to visit Borawan! Boo! Anyway, my friends and I agreed that the next time we go to Quezon, we will definitely visit Borawan. Dampalitan beach too, if possible.

Travel date: sometime between September or October

Budget: Php1,500

6. A week-long stay in Japan in December

We still have one year to prepare for this trip. My boyfriend and I are waiting for a seat sale before we book our trip. Currently, we both decided to visit Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto. We’re still not sure though. I have yet to create our itinerary!

Travel date: December 16-22, 2017

Budget: Php30,000

So far I only have 6 travel plans for next year. I need to save money for our Japan trip. There’s no way that this trip will be cancelled! I will not allow that. Hahaha. I’m trying to fit all my travel plans on the first 6 months of 2017 so I could prepare for Japan financially.

What are your travel plans for 2017?

    1. Last year, it snowed on November. I hope it will be the same this year! I still haven’t prepared anything for our trip to Japan, especially the budget. Anyway, I’ll probably work on it on June.
      I hope so too! So far I’m done with the Cebu trip.

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