11 Things I Love About Living With My Boyfriend

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In a span of 3 months living with my boyfriend, I thought we would need to have major adjustments getting used to having each other 24/7. But, that’s not the case! In fact, I really enjoyed having him around and living with my boyfriend. Besides, I have my own corner, and he has one too so we are not always doing things together.

Miguel and I used to have sleepovers. As far as I remember, the longest time that we’ve been together in one roof is 3 to 4 consecutive days. It wasn’t that bad, right? Whenever I sleep at their house, we stay in different rooms. I often wake up earlier than him, and I would go to his room and kiss him good morning.

When I moved to Sweden, we’ve been in a long-distance relationship. Everything went well, so almost 8 months after, he went to visit me. He got a tourist visa for 3 months; it feels like it was only yesterday since I picked him up at the airport.

11 Things I love about living with my boyfriend

1. We take turns in doing the household chores

I love that Miguel isn’t the type of person who just sits around all day, doing nothing. Both of us feel uneasy if one is doing the household chores and the other one is just sitting—unless one has to do something else.

“Do you need help? Can you help me?

Since none of us are mind-readers, we ask each other if help is needed.

2. He loves cooking.

I don’t love cooking as much. I would love to say ‘hate’, but ‘hate’ is a strong word. What I do love is preparing the ingredients, and buying groceries. I have this bad habit of leaving the dishes in the sink—even though I have my dishwasher—until I’m done eating. Cooking tires me out and it’s the last thing I want to do.

3. We get comfortable with each other.

I sometimes feel guilty when I don’t hang out with him at home. I have so many things I want to do once I get home and most of the time it does not involve him. He’s totally fine with it. In fact, he also has some things he wants to do that does not involve me.

I just love how we are comfortable with each other and respect each other’s choices.

4. We share our expenses.

We agreed that we pay half for our food, appliances, activities or travel expenses.

5. We still have our own “me” time.

The same thing that I mentioned above, we don’t mind if we don’t hang out 24/7. We live under one roof; the world around us doesn’t stop just because we’re together.

6. I have someone to go home to.

This is what I miss the most. No matter how long my day is, how bad or good my day is, I always look forward to going home to him. He loves greeting me by the door (if he didn’t pick me up from work) and I love how he always smiles at me.

7. Cuddles!

I’m a cuddler. I feel comfortable whenever I hug Miguel or lying beside him. This may sound weird, but the smell of Miguel relaxes me.

8. I have a binge-watching partner.

During my lazy days—which is every day—I love to sit on the couch and watch TV series. Miguel has a different taste in TV series or movies, but so far I enjoy his choices as well. I love Korean dramas, and Miguel loves it too. In fact, I have a video of him reacting to a romantic scene in KDrama and he was so kilig.

9. I don’t have to sleep alone.

I cannot sleep right away; my mind wanders all the time. One thing that I miss the most about living with my boyfriend is I can cuddle him until I fall asleep. As I have mentioned, his smell helps me relax.

10. I learned to love his living quirks.

One time, Miguel and I went out to buy some groceries, and there were rain showers. As soon as we got home, I asked him if he could put his jackets in the bedroom. He forgot to remove his shoes and he went to our bedroom, stepped on the carpet.

I was not happy about it. I am so close to getting annoyed, but somehow his reaction made me laugh nonstop. He was so guilty and panicky to the point that I felt bad for feeling annoyed.

Living with him made me love his living quirks and it helped me get to know him more. Besides, those problems are inevitable but we choose the meaning of it. In the end, both of us would just laugh at each other’s living quirks and slowly learned to deal with it or help change for the better.

Like how he used to pose like this whenever he says something funny, and he thought I would laugh at it.

11. I have someone to confide in person.

I cannot describe how lucky I am when Miguel was there for me—both emotionally and physically—when I had the worst news I have ever received. The weight of my problem became lighter because I have someone to confide.

Miguel has been in the Philippines for a few days now; we both think that he’ll be there for a vacation only. Haha. I enjoyed living with my boyfriend, and I am looking forward to more days, months or years like this!

I’m looking forward to seeing him again soon. ❤️

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