10 Ways to Simplify Life at Home

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Staying on top of everything is a hard job. In order for me to have a work-life balance, I started to simplify life at home. I like coming home to a clean and organized apartment. I like to spend more time relaxing at home.

Working at the office and more than 1 hour commute time to and from work already takes up the entire day. The least that you want to do is worry about your life at home.

It’s easy to start something, but it’s difficult to follow through. But, don’t worry, I got you! I thought of easy-to-implement ways to simplify life at home and it would not break your wallet too. Most of them are free ?

How to Simplify Life at Home

Set up a Smart Home

It all started when I needed more bright lights at home especially during winter. I bought a smart light from a local hardware store in which I can change the brightness and light temperature, and control using an app on the phone.

Then I thought… what if I can do it using voice commands?

I bought a Google Home Mini after, and slowly changed all the lights in my apartment. Smart lights that have Google Assistant or Alexa are more expensive, so I chose which light needs to be controlled through voice commands and which lights can I control using an app.

When I bought a Google Home Mini, it first felt that I don’t need it. After getting used to it, and learning different voice commands, I now rely on everything on Google Home.

I also set my light in the living room to turn on and off on schedule. I like going home with a bright light! My next goal is to have smart plugs and smart radiator thermostat!

You don’t have to change everything at your home into smart products. You can start by changing what you frequently used.

You can start by getting one of these:

  1. Smart Light
  2. Google Home or Alexa
  3. Smart Plug

It’s not a life-saving moment, but you can notice how easier your life can be when you set up a smart home.


As a Test Automation Engineer, I am a big fan of automation ?! Use IFTTT and/or Shortcuts (if you’re using an iPhone) to simplify your life at home.

I also use routines in Google Home, especially in the morning. When I say, “Good morning”, my Google Assistant will inform me about the current temperature, my commute time to work, and my reminders for the day all while I’m doing my morning routine. Convenient, right?

Make a routine

I’m the type of person that needs a list and a routine. When I started sticking to my routines, I became more efficient with my time at home.

When you make a routine, you control how your day goes. You have more time to relax or more free time. At first, I had the impression that making routines will keep me from being relaxed. It’s actually the opposite—routines let me have more time to relax.

A good routine and proper time-blocking will simplify your life at home.

After finishing What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, I became more eager to do more stuff in the morning. I have daily tasks & I usually do it as soon as I get home. The problem is, there are unexpected happenings during the day, so plans often change after work.

Because of that, I needed to change my afternoon schedule to finish everything and I often end up sleeping late. According to the book, it’s preferable to do it in the morning so you can have all the time for yourself.

Create a to-do list to identify priorities

Related to making a routine, creating a to-do list to identify your priorities will simplify your life at home. Since you already have a routine, that means that the tasks in that routine are most important to you.

The first thing I do when I want to simplify life at home is to create a short to-do list for my priorities for the day on top of my daily routine. It doesn’t need to be a long list; just write the top 3 that you have to do at your home for that the day.

If you can do it in 2 minutes, do it now

You don’t want to keep things from piling up, don’t you? I’ve heard this line way, way back and I cannot remember where.

It stuck on my mind because it totally makes sense. If you can do it in 2 minutes, do it now. Why wait and drag it along?

I have this bad habit of putting my used plates and utensils in the sink and put it all in the dishwasher after quite awhile. That step of leaving it in the sink took time, so why not just put it to the dishwasher directly?

Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.

James Clear, Atomic Habits

This mindset can help you a lot when you want to simplify life at home. It removes unnecessary steps and consumes less time from your day-to-day life. Then you will have more time to do more important stuff.

Have less stuff: declutter

I needed to put this first before the organization because you need to get at the root of your clutter problem. You cannot simplify your life at home if you have too much clutter.

After I watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, I became more conscious of what I keep in my home especially because I am living in a small apartment. I need more open space, free from clutter.

Get Organized

You’d probably noticed that convenience and efficiency are important to me even if it will only save me a few seconds.

Getting organized can also simplify your life at home because you don’t need to stress yourself thinking where you last put something, spending time finding for the things you will use, and many more.

Miguel, my soon-to-be-husband, is not a fan of drawers. He keeps telling me that drawers help me get my stuff organized, but the clutter is still there. Most probably I won’t need it.

Do you want to organize and decorate your home office desk? Find more at 6 Home Office Desk Ideas.

Order groceries online (or shop online)

I am a big fan of shopping online. It’s convenient and it prevents me from going over the budget because I can see the total price right away.

Every 1.5 to 2 weeks, I order groceries online and have them delivered straight to my apartment. I prefer ordering online because it saves me time—adds items to cart and have it delivered. Very easy.

My current favorite online grocery shop is Fodi. The minimum order is 400 SEK and delivery is free!

Plan your meals and prepare your snacks

Planning your meals can simplify your life at home and save you a big chunk of time. As someone who has limited ideas on what to cook, it takes me more than 30 minutes or more (yes, I timed it) thinking about what I should cook next.

Recipes that say preparation and cooking time is only 1 hour, for me it would take more.

I don’t mind reheating my food as long as I keep it in the fridge. Instead of cooking one meal for tonight’s dinner, I add 2 more portions so I can eat it throughout the week.

I pre-cut my fruits and put them in the fridge. If I want to snack on something, I can just go to the fridge and grab those fruits.

Simplify everything

Of course, one way to simplify life at home is to simplify everything. You can start in your kitchen and dining area, living room, bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere you want. Most importantly, start with your mindset.

WHY do you want to simplify your life at home?

How do you simplify your life at home? Do you also use smart home devices?

There are so many ways that you can do to simplify your life at home. I’m a big fan of smart home gadgets & automation. You’ll probably think that it is unnecessary, but anything that will make my life easier & simpler, I will go for it.

Having more structured days simplify life at home because you control how your day goes—you get more things done, your day will go smoother, and your life becomes easier.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to comment down below.

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