10 of the Biggest Struggles in Adulting

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I will probably never get used to these struggles in adulting. To be honest, this thing called “adulting” never gets easier. No one is an expert on this matter. I still feel like a child trying to be a grown-up.

I immediately jumped to this so-called real world right after graduation. I must admit, though, I should have started working a bit later; at least a week after graduation. But, I didn’t. I guess when my parents told me they would stop giving me allowances once I graduated, I panicked and I didn’t know where else I should get money but from work.

I’m running around in circles.

A few days ago, when I was reviewing my budget, I wondered why I was able to travel more and spend more with little income. It seems like the more income I get, the more responsibilities I have. When it comes to money, I learned things the hard way. Now, it may feel like I only work because I need to. I’m still not prepared adulting. 

In case some of you are also having struggles in adulting, don’t worry, you are not alone.

10 struggles in adulting

1. When a big chunk of salary goes on bills and responsibilities

Almost every month, I review my monthly bills and see if I could cancel any subscription or lessen my spendings on unnecessary stuff. I’m still trying to pay off my debts — credit cards, loans, etc. Not only that, but I also save some of my money for my dad’s treatment and my sister’s tuition fee and school allowance.

Now, I’m prioritizing my life insurance, investments and savings so somehow I feel at ease when part of my salary goes to that.

2. When you choose between living comfortably or being practical

I only started renting last year and I’m about to move out next week. It’s farther from my workplace, but at least, it’s safer. Remember the news about a restaurant that was robbed in Makati? Well, it’s in my neighborhood and I live literally close to it.

I want to live in a comfortable place. I mean, who wouldn’t? But of course, this means paying more. The new apartment that I’m moving in (together with my co-worker) will cost me at least PHP 6,000 per month plus the utilities.

It would be cheaper if I’ll only rent a bed space, but I’m still not ready for it. I’m still trying to weigh my options since I stay at my boyfriend’s condo most of the day.

3. When you save a lot on weekdays, but end up spending it all on a weekend out

Tell me, I’m not the only one, right?

Though this does not happen all the time, it happens.

4. When you’re too tired the entire week you just want to stay home on weekends

Working and commuting every day could drain your energy. Despite how much you want to be productive on weekends (like cleaning the apartment, blogging or doing any hobbies), you still feel exhausted.

I make sure that I have one weekend where I don’t do anything at all. Nothing. No socializing, no anything.

5. When you need to make important decisions on your own

Do you feel like sometimes you just want to pass this decision-making to someone who is more responsible? Whenever I try to make important decisions, I tend to overthink and consider everything.

Is this what I really want? Am I sure about this? What are the consequences? Is it worth it? What will happen now? 

6. When you need to cook, but cooking isn’t your thing

I know that not everybody enjoys cooking. I see cooking as a chore, and no matter how much I try to enjoy it, I can’t.

7. When you travel and people would immediately think you’re loaded with money

People often forget that what they see on social media are the highlight reels. Nobody posts their bills and debts on Instagram. Who would?

People should know that there’s this concept of saving money and spending that money on travels. It’s not like we wake up one day and already have the money to travel.

8. When some people can’t understand the situation you are in

You have your own goals and priorities in life. You also have your own timeline. I don’t like it as much when I feel the need to explain why I’m doing this or that. Some people just can’t understand the situation that you are in.

In line with #7, I rarely go out. I still hold on to delayed gratification without depriving myself. As much as I want to shell out on everything, I need to prioritize other things. It would be hypocritical if I’ll say I am not envious of other people who could keep their entire income to themselves. That isn’t my case.

I hate being judged, and I also hate explaining my circumstances to others. It’s difficult to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, but as I always say, the only problem that I want in the future is where to spend my money. 🙂

9. When you have to deal with society’s definition of success

I don’t know how it is in your country but in the Philippines, people think that you should have a kid before you turn 30. You should figure out what you want before you turn 30. When it comes to a job, people think you are lazy when you don’t have a 9-to-5 job and you are freelancing. Being a Content Creator is not a “real” job. Any job related to art industry is not a job, but a hobby.

Society thinks you have a problem because you are getting older and you’re not married or not yet in a relationship.

There are so many expectations from you and I have no idea how they came up with this pre-defined success. It’s sad when people often associate your age with success.

This is one of the biggest struggles in adulting. People expect that because you’re an adult, you have to act like an adult all the time; you have to be the responsible one.

10. When you have no idea what you are doing

And it’s okay. It’s not a race. This is part of our struggles in adulting.

If I am about to write ALL the struggles in adulting, I promise it will be more than 10! I still haven’t figured everything out, and there are lessons along the way. Yes, sometimes I want to hide away from all these. Nonetheless, I’m still looking forward to seeing where these struggles can take me.

  1. I recently graduated college in this post is so relevant to my life ! It’s good to know that I’m not alone

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