10 iPhone Apps I Use Every Day

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Almost each one of us relies on the savviest digital tools to get organized or entertained. There are thousands of apps out there, and finding the apps that actually work for you can seem overwhelming. For example, I usually check the App Store, check the featured apps, top charts, etc. just to see which would suit my needs. I may have downloaded over a hundred apps but it’s hard to choose which app will stay, which app will be uninstalled, and which iPhone apps I should use every day.

10 iPhone Apps I Use Every day

Tink – track your income, expenses, credit cards, and loans

Tink deserves to be on top of my list because it’s the best financial app I’ve used so far. This app keeps track of your income, expenses, credit cards, and loans. It’s a free app that’s directly connected to your banks in Sweden. You don’t have to think about your expenses because Tink will analyze and categorize it automatically.

One more functionality of Tink that I like is the setting of the budget. I try to limit myself from eating out every day, so I set a budget for my food and groceries per month. Tink shows how much money I have left to spend, and how much I could spend per day.

(iPhone | Android)

Tink App iOS

Google Calendar

I have issues with time management. I always find myself scrolling on my news feed on social media, and time just passed by without me knowing it has been an hour already. When I started doing time blocking and putting everything in my calendar, Google Calendar is my go-to app.

Google Tasks: unfortunately, tasks from Google are not shown in the Google Calendar app on iPhone and Android. You need to download Google Tasks separately.

I couldn’t live a day without Google Calendar. This is one of the iPhone apps that I use every day, and I also use this when I’m on my laptop.

(iPhone | Android | Web)


Trello is overwhelming. I have tried to love this several times already, but I couldn’t. It just has too many functionalities that I don’t know how to utilize it. But, when I stumbled upon Rea Ninja’s blog post about how she organizes her bills with Trello, I downloaded Trello and gave it a try again.

Now I have a few boards: Apartment, Blog, Bills Payment, Personal, and Social Media. I even have a separate account for my work.

A few months ago, I often used Awesome Notes to organize my notes, but Trello is more applicable to my productivity needs now.

(iPhone | Android | Web)

Forest – stay focused, be present

I can’t stop using my phone — when I am idle, alone, eating, or whatever I do — I have my phone with me. When I purchased Forest, I knew that it would not only help me become more productive, but it will help the environment also. How? You can collect coins from the app every time you focus, and you can use it to plant real trees on the earth! Isn’t that great?

(iPhone | Android | Chrome Extension)

Forest App


I am so bad at Swedish. I have too many attempts to learn Swedish, but I couldn’t. My focus isn’t on learning a new language, unfortunately. I tried Duolingo, but I didn’t like it as much as I liked Memrise. I use this app almost every single day to help me learn a few Swedish words. If you want to learn a new language, I definitely suggest Memrise.

I am currently on Swedish 1, and there are 7 Swedish courses available in Memrise. I have a long way to go!

(iPhone | Android | Web)


If you live in Sweden, then there’s never a day when you didn’t use BankID! It’s an app that we use to identify ourselves online when we log in to a few websites in Sweden.

Jour – guided journaling

I only find out about Jour from Bea of Beadeegee when she posted about it on her Instagram.

Jour is a journal that guides you to feel your best. I use Day One when I want to write about special events in my life, and I use Jour to dump my random thoughts if I can’t write it down. From what I have observed over the past few days since I started using it, Jour has helped me become more grateful and calmer. It’s all thanks to its guided journals.

Unfortunately, it is only available on the iPhone.


Jour Journal

Day One

It’s funny I just realized how my notes are literally everywhere. I still write notes with pen & paper as well for my content ideas. Anyway, I’ve been using this app since 2013 (Day One Classic), and I don’t buy this. Since this is my “online & private” journal, I have set up my IFTTT to add all my blog posts and Instagram posts in this Journal.

I also write events that happened in my life that I don’t want to share online.

By the way, if you are feeling extra, you could also publish this in a book! Isn’t that great?

(iPhone | Android | Mac | Extensions)

Day One

Soon — The Everyday Bucket List

Did I tell you I love writing lists? I like knowing the books I’ve read, and I’ve been planning to read. I like knowing the series or movies I’ve seen and would love to see. I like exploring different places, but I couldn’t go there yet so I add it to my list. I have a lot of go-to restaurants, and some restaurants that I want to try so I add it to my list. Everything — I like adding everything in my list.

If you love writing lists, then Soon — The Everyday Bucket List is what you need. I stumbled upon this app last year when it was just released, and I immediately gave it a try. This app is developing, so more fun features will be available.

(iPhone | Android)

Soon - Everyday Bucket List



Remember the app 2024? I got addicted to that app! I found another one that’s similar, yet different: 13! If I’m going to play on my phone, this is the first game that goes on my mind.

So this game is very simple: you just have to match the same colored tiles to get higher numbers. But, how high can you get?

(iPhone | Android)

My most favorite among the iPhone apps I use every day is Forest. I will write a separate post about it, and how it helped me lessen my phone usage and become more focused & productive.

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